Sono Seken Mugen

Sono Seken Mugen, or the world of lucid dreams takes place in a world where the Kumori-Karite, Kousa-Tsukai, and the Regulars live in a world of magic.
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 Nex, The Leader of the Kousa-Tsukai[Cross Bearers]

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PostSubject: Nex, The Leader of the Kousa-Tsukai[Cross Bearers]   Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:17 pm

Character File

Basic Information-

Race-Cross Bearer

Magic Information-

Ken-Kousa-Ken [Kami-Kage]
Gate Way Power-Power 2
2nd Gate Way Power-Power 3

Final Information-

History-N/A [because im webmaster im putting this down till further notice]
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Nex, The Leader of the Kousa-Tsukai[Cross Bearers]
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